All Venum punchings bags for boxing can be found on this page. Choose your new Venum <strong>punching bag from a selection of different models and get ready to become the best fighter ! Venum provides freestanding bags, heavy bags, MMA bags and boxing bags for men and women.
  1. NEU
    Venum GLDTR 4.0 Heavy Bags - 130 cm
    Venum GLDTR 4.0 Heavy Bags - 130 cm
    329,99 €
  2. NEU
    Venum GLDTR 4.0 Heavy Bags - 150 cm
    Venum GLDTR 4.0 Heavy Bags - 150 cm
    379,98 €
  3. NEU
    Venum GLDTR 4.0 Heavy Bags - 170 cm
    Venum GLDTR 4.0 Heavy Bags - 170 cm
    439,98 €
  4. Exclusive
    Venum Flex Venum Flex stehender Boxsack - Schwarz/Rot
  5. Venum Hurricane Big Ball Boxsack
    Venum Hurricane Big Ball Boxsack
    250,00 €
  6. Venum T-Shape Punch Bag
    Venum T-Shape Punch Bag
    419,90 €
  7. Venum T-Shape Punch Bag - Gelb/Schwarz
    Venum T-Shape Punch Bag - Gelb/Schwarz
    439,90 €
  8. Venum Tear Drop - Schwarz/Neongelb
    Venum Tear Drop - Schwarz/Neongelb
    249,98 €
    Nicht auf Lager
  9. Venum Hurricane Heavy Punch Bag
    Venum Hurricane Heavy Punch Bag
    499,90 €
    Nicht auf Lager
  10. Venum Hurricane Heavy Punch Bag
    Venum Hurricane Heavy Punch Bag
    519,90 €
    Nicht auf Lager

Short story of the punching bag ...

According to what has been found in the writings on the history of boxing, the punching bag was born at the same time as the first training of combat sport in its modern version. We can therefore locate its appearance in the course of the 18th century.

Designed beforehand for professional boxers, the punching bag has slowly pioneered out of specialized gyms to be present in homes.

Characteristics of punching bags

The punching bags have long been filled with sand only. Yet, this is far from the best way to train in boxing safely and with maximum comfort. Over time, the sand tends to settle more and more until it is as hard as stone. This leads to micro-bone fractures and can destroy the joints.

Today, there are a multitude of ways to fill a bunch bag. It is possible to use shavings / sawdust, falling clothing / fabrics or packed cloths. Some specific models are even filled with water.

What are the types of punching bags?

There are different types of bags for combat sports training. The best known is the classic punching bag, which can take many forms (rectangular, elongated ...) according to the different brands. The punching bags usually come in many sizes, and range between 130 centimeters and 180 centimeters. As for their weight, they can reach up to 70 kilograms when full.

The second is the stand up punching bag, also called the punching tower. This one allows as well to work the feet as the fists. A model like Venum's is 180 centimeters long and has a base filled with water under its bag, to absorb the blows better and to make its use easier.

The third is the uppercut bag, which is hooked up with suspension straps. As the name suggests, it allows you to work the famous punch going back to training, but also the knees and elbows. Its size is about 80 centimeters.

Finally, the speed of pear as it hangs on the wall and allows working fast sequences to enhance its striking frequency. An ideal alternative to having better reflexes in future boxing matches. It measures between 15 and 20 centimeters approximately.

Why buy a Venum punching bag?

On the official website of Venum you will find closer to twenty strikes bags of different sizes and in many different color combos(yellow / black, white / black, gray / yellow, red / black, brown / black , black Rose…).

All Venum punching bags can be used in training, whatever your level of boxing, and are of course suitable for both men and women. On most models available on the store, you will find the following features:

  • Skintex Premium leather punching bag
  • Made in Thailand
  • High absorbency inner foam to prevent injuries and fractures
  • Ultra-resistant nylon straps

On the price side, Venum punching bags are relatively affordable and start at less than 50 dollars for the speed pear, for example. The prices can reach more than 500 dollars for our top-of-the-range punching bags in real leather or our exclusive striking towers, for example.