Venum Viking 2.0 Spats - Schwarz/Gelb

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Venum Viking 2.0 Spats - Schwarz/Gelb

Venum decided to add a new weapon to its artillery and created the Venum Viking 2.0 Spats.

With its compression system, this Spats will help you improve your performance and increase your recovery time.

Its reinforced flat seams will let you go wild during all fighting positions.

Standing or on the ground, display the power and determination of the Vikings and let your opponents dread you.



  • 87% Polyester - 13% Elastane: stretch and resistant.
  • Sublimated prints, for better durability.Slim fit leaving no grip on your opponent.
  • Reinforced seams.
  • Ergonomic seams and elastic waistband for a perfect fit.
  • Venum logo.
  • Artikelnummer : VENUM-03416-111
  • Gewicht : 0.2000

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