All Karate protective gear are presented in this category. Choose now your new protections of Karate Venum among several different models and get ready to train intensely ! Browse all the range of Venum kimonos specially designed for the Karate in order to optimize your training and your fights.

  1. -40%
    Venum Karate Mitts - With Thumb Protection - Red
  2. -40%
    Venum Karate Shin Pad & Foot Protector - Red
  3. -40%
    Venum Karate Shin Pad & Foot Protector - Blue
  4. -22%
    Venum Karate Kata Bundle
    Venum Karate Kata Bundle
    €223.97 €174.70
  5. Venum Karate Kumité Bundle
    Venum Karate Kumité Bundle
  6. -40%
    Venum Karate Body Protector Reversible - Blue/Red