Jade Jorand is a French Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter and Kickboxer. Nicknamed "The Princess" due to her elegance in and out of the ring, Jorand has been training in combat sports since an early age. Originally from Frances' Bordeaux region, Jade has an impressive national record of achievement that naturally led to hopes of international accolades. Representing her country on multiple occasions, the Frenchwoman has won international titles in K1 Rules kickboxing and Muay Thai. In 2018, Jade made her mark in the K1 space by becoming the Junior World Champion of K1 Rules WAKO in Venice, Italy. In 2019, at only 19 years old, she participated in the World Amateur Muay Thai Championships (IFMA). During the same year, the young woman began to make a name for herself internationally with her impressive entry into the professional ranks of fighting - beating an experienced and formidable opponent, Italy's Silvia La Notte, with a spectacularly elegant high kick knockout. In 2020, Jade Jorand made her debut in MMA, with a hard-fought battle against Bellator's Monika Chochlíková. In addition to her professional sports career, the Lormont native continues her studies. A fighter in life and a fighter in the cage, she is true to Venum's spirit.

France October 10, 2000 Strawweight (-52.2 kg)


2020 - First MMA fight

2019 - Regional grappling champion

2019 - First professional K1 Rules fight

2019 - Winner of the WAKO World Cup of K1 Rules

2018 - IFMA Muay Thai amateur world runner-up

2018 - WAKO Junior World Champion in K1 Rules